Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions many of our parents ask our schools each day. If you do not see your question listed below, we encourage you to please call your Program Director. You are always encouraged to call your school if you need further explanation regarding your questions.

When will my child transition to the next room?

We recognize that all children develop on their own schedule.  We have general age ranges for classrooms but the transition process involves both the child's parents and teachers to ensure that the child is ready to transition to the next classroom.  Only with your approval will your child move into the next classroom as he or she advances to the next stage of development.  In addition to your child's comfort level with the move, state licensing ratios for ages may affect transitioning.

Will my child's tuition rate change right on their birthday?

Upon his or her complete transition to the next classrom, your tuition rate will be adjusted (if applicable) to reflect any changes.

It's my child's birthday.  Can I bring in a birthday treat?

Because of possible food allergies, we only allow NON-FOOD treats.  We appreciate your cooperation in monitoring what items you bring in for these special times.  Below is a list of approved items for your consideration:

  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Bubbles
  • Little coloring books
  • Little activity books (4 years and up)
  • Fun pencils (4 years and up)
  • Little containers of play dough
  • Donate a new book to the classroom in honor of the birthday boy/girl

Please remember many small toys/trinkets may not be suitable for children under 3 years of age.  Please check the factory labels for this information.

My child usually attends AppleTree/Gilden Woods two days a week.  Can I add an extra day next week?

If you need to schedule an additional day of care for a specific week, please check with your Program Director for availability.  Fees incurred would need to be paid with your monthly rate.  Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule unscheduled days for scheduled days your child may have missed.

My child usually attends AppleTree/Gilden Woods on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Can I switch the Monday for Tuesday?

The hours and days indicated on your Contract for Services are the hours our center is staffed to provide care for your child.  If you need to change a day, please check with your Program Director for availability.  The tuition rate for adding Tuesday to your child's schedule will result in the charging of tuition for four days of attendance.  Fees incurred would need to be paid  with your weekly rate.  Unfortunately, there are times we are not able to honor this request due to staffing and adult-to-child ratios.

Can you suggest someone who can babysit my child?

We do not maintain or distribute "Babysitting Lists."  AppleTree/Gilden Woods will not be held responsible for the conduct or service provided by the staff member outside of business hours and off premises.  Upon employment of a staff member outside of AppleTree, both the parent and employee involved must inform the Program Director immediately.  Further, both the parent and employee will be required to sign an additional waiver.  Occasionally, AppleTree/Gilden Woods will offer a Parent Night Out.  These evenings will be made known to you in advance.

How do I get my deposit back?  Can I use it for tuition?

A deposit is required at the time of enrollment.  This fee is non-refundable and will be applied to your last two weeks of tuition when a two-week notice of your intention to disenroll is given in writing to your Program Director.  At the time of your notice, the deposit will be applied to your remaining tuition balance.  In the case of immediate withdrawal and/or a two-week notice is not given to the Program Director, the deposit is non-refundable.

I am working late tonight.  Can I send somebody else to pick up my child?

AppleTree/Gilden Woods staff will release children only to you and those people you have listed on your emergency card.  We will also ask to see a picture ID for people we do not recognize.  This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of all children in our care.  If you need to add someone to your child's emergency card, please see your Program Director.

My ex-spouse and I share custody of our child and our arrangements state I am to be notified first before my ex can pick up our child.  Can you make sure our child is not picked up by my ex without my being aware of it?

AppleTree/Gilden Woods does not have legal authority to withhold a child from his or her legal parent.  If you are in a separation or divorce situation where a legally binding order exists (such as a custody order or parenting time plan), we must have copies of the court papers on file in order to assure the safety of your child.

I prefer organic foods.  Can I bring in special lunches for my child?

AppleTree/Gilden Woods provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack.  For safety, security, and classroom harmony, we do not allow food (except for medical reasons) to be brought from home.  If your family eats 100% organic food at home, see your Program Director for details regarding this special request.

What drinks are provided to my child at AppleTree/Gilden Woods?

We provide water, whole vitamin-D fortified milk (children under 2 years), and low-fat milk (children over 2 years) to children.  We provide 100% juice but limit juice intake to 4 - 6 ounces per day.  We do not serve sugar sweetened drinks.

At what age does AppleTree/Gilden Woods' summer program (Summer Explorers) begin?

Our Summer Explorers program is designed for children who have already attended Young 5's, Developmental Kindergarten (DK), Kindergarten, or higher for a full year.

How do my "Credit Days" work?  How many do I have left?

After 90 days of enrollment, each child will earn Credit Days.  These can be used for days that your child will not attend the school due to vacation or illness.  Credit Days are based on your child's contracted schedule (meaning the number of Credit Days received is equivalent to the number of days per week that your child attends).  Credit Days are based on your enrollment year, cannot be accumulated, and do not carry over from year to year.  They may be used individually or as a group.  If you are on the payment plan for the deposit, this must paid in full before Credit Days will be made available.

Credit Days may not be used on days that the school is closed (holidays or Employee Development Days). toward your two-week withdrawal notice, or until the balance on your account is zero.

To know how many Credit Days are currently available on your account, contact your Program Director.

Can I come in and read to my child's classroom?

We welcome parents to come in and be involved in the classroom.  Please contact your child's teacher to schedule a time that you would like to visit.  When you have scheduled a time, please contact the Program Director ahead of time to confirm whether or not you will need a Department of Human Services background check for volunteering.

What toys or books are okay for my child to bring to AppleTree?

For safety, security, and classroom harmony, we do not allow toys or books to be brought from home.  AppleTree/Gilden Woods will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or broken items from home.  Children are allowed to bring in one small comfort item, such as a stuffed animal or other soft toy, which must fit in their nap bag.  Please do not place any special items into your child's cubby.

Napping in the middle of the day keeps my child up late at night.  Does my child have to sleep/take a nap at AppleTree/Gilden Woods?

We do provide a quiet rest time in the middle of the day to provide a respite.  However, your child is not required to sleep.  We will not prohibit a child from sleeping who exhibits signs of needing rest.  If your child does not require rest, quiet activities that can be completed on their personal cot to allow their classmates time to nap or rest will be allowed.

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