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From the security of fingerprint and code access doors, which allow only our enrolled families access into our facilities, to our secure AppleCam system, AppleTree and Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool offer a safe and nurturing environment for all children and provide you with peace of mind.  We safeguard your child through our strict check-in and check-out procedures and by securing school doors with an electronic fingerprint or code access doors.

There is no more important priority for parents or for AppleTree and Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool than safety. On all levels, our safe and secure environment allows your child the comfort to be himself or herself, thus nurturing their growth and development.

Visitor precautions:  A visitor who is not familiar to our staff or if the school in lock down, a phone is available in the vestibule at the front door to communicate with the Program Director and/or Assistant Director. Photo ID is required from all unfamiliar visitors including non-enrolled families, vendors and anyone authorized for pickup. Teachers and staff can instantly access the names of individuals who are approved for drop-off and pick-up.


For your peace of mind, we also offer secure webcam access to your child's room.  Viewable only to those with a username and password, AppleCam allows you to check in on your child throughout the day.  It's become a hallmark of AppleTree and Gilden Woods and a feature our parents couldn't live without!


Our currently enrolled parents have "real-time" access to their child's day at AppleTree or Gilden Woods through our online AppleGram system.  Parents can easily access their children's feedings/meals & snacks, medication distribution, rest time/nap time, and activity & interest information from their day on a computer or mobile device.

Emergency Drills

Our administration members conduct monthly fire drills with all staff and children.  Tornado drills are also performed in May - September at all AppleTree and Gilden Woods locations.  Emergency drills and reviews are completed quarterly. 

Twice a year, our administration and teachers review the Emergency Procedures Plan so that all members of our team understand their role in the following situations: fire, tornado, chemical spill, toxic gas, sewage backup, flood, power outage, blizzard, serious illness, or serious accident.

Additionally, annually we have our procedures reviewed by a third-party safety and security consultant in regards to best practices and efficiency.

Teachers and Caregivers

Our teachers and caregivers bond with your child and family to establish a partnership that fosters security and a sense of family for your child.  They also have the experience, expertise, and education necessary for their room's age group.  Our open lines of communication between parents and teachers builds a strong partnership that enhances your child's care and education.

Background Clearances

All caregivers, teachers, and administrative staff must submit to a criminal history background check through the Department of Human Services and State Police before being eligible for employment.

CPR/First Aid

All caregivers, teachers and administrative staff are CPR and First Aid certified annually.

A Child-Centered Design

Our intentional approach to early childhood development and learning extends all the way to how our schools are designed.  Many of our schools have built-in storage cubbies for car seats and cubbies for children's belongings to make drop-off and pick-up easier.  Plus, special carpet was chosen to minimize VOCF (volatile organic compound) emissions, providing safety while children explore their surroundings.  Our schools' décor includes earthtones and woodland themes to create a peaceful and natural feel.  Many of our state-of-the-art playgrounds include privacy fencing to maintain children's safety while they enjoy outdoor play time.  In case of inclement weather, children develop gross motor skills in our spacious activity rooms.

Woodland Town

Many of our schools' activity rooms are equipped with a fun landscape that encourages active social-emotional learning.  This structure includes a bank, café, animal hospital, and other community buildings.

Healthy Environment

Sanitation and healthy hygiene habits are not only modeled and taught to our AppleTree and Gilden Woods children but are important components of our quality assessment program.  Hand-washing, cleanliness, healthy eating, daily exercise, and proper rest are all encouraged, modeled, and taught at AppleTree and Gilden Woods.

We expect that children whom are ill or unable to participate in the daily activities at AppleTree and Gilden Woods will be kept home until they have had ample opportunity to rest and get well.


At AppleTree and Gilden Woods, we proudly serve balanced meals.  Our menu meets USDA standards and offers servings from the following five food groups each day:

  • vegetable
  • fruit
  • grain
  • protein
  • dairy

Pedal's Polishers

In our continual efforts to provide the highest quality of care for your child, we implemented a teeth-brushing program called Pedal's Polishers.  While we focus on dental health in February for National Children's Dental Health Month each year, we added this age-appropriate dental health regimen while children are at AppleTree/Gilden Woods.

Our teeth-brushing program at the school includes all children aged 6 weeks - 4 years old.  Infants (4 months and older) use an infant toothbrush, designed to help keep gums healthy even before the first tooth appears, with water (not toothpaste) to rinse the mouth.  Children in toddler rooms and older are encouraged to brush their teeth using a child's toothbrush and toothpaste that is provided by AppleTree/Gilden Woods after eating lunch.

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