Best of the Bunch Winner

August 1, 2019

Congratulations to Ms. Heather Green on becoming our "Best of the Bunch" winner for 2019! "Best of the Bunch" highlights our best educator or caregiver who goes above and beyond with providing high quality education, care and customer service to families.

Ms. Heather is the Cook and Bus Driver at AppleTree Early Care and Preschool-Rockford.

Ms. Heather's nomination letter came from Ms. Jana, Assistant Program Director of AppleTree Rockford:

"She has been with us since January 2016 and has received the All Star Award and continues to shine every day at AppleTree. Her presence is so helpful with everyday functions and fun for everyone around her! She makes her job look easy because she is so skillful at it. She not only completes what is in her job description but goes above and beyond what is expected of her. These include planting flowers in which she involves the children at AppleTree. As well as helping with staff appreciation, and running quick errands if she sees we don't have time. She doesn't get upset or complain if she is not where she is supposed to be. Her relationships with other teachers is fantastic. She is the go to person to talk to if someone is having a rough day, needs advice, or a good laugh. Her relationships she has with our families here is next to none, she will make everyone feel welcome, loved, and special in their own way. Continuously saying "Hello" or asking someone how they are doing, on top of addressing families and children by name. She is fabulous and cherished at the Rockford AppleTree. She makes everyday fun and easy."

Rockford Parent Testimonial:

"She is a great deal of help in the morning. She distracts my kiddos and allows me to scoot off to work without seeing tears. I see her on the webcam interacting with my kiddos and I can tell they enjoy her company. She keeps me up to date with funny stories and offers helpful motherly advice."

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