The Importance of Employee Development Days

February 29, 2016

Posted by Lisa Lomasney

Why are Employee Development Days important?
Each year, AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool locations close on a Friday for an Employee Development Day.  Do you wonder, "What does my child's teacher do on these days?"  These days are spent in workshops and presentations that help our team members stay current on the best practices within the child care and early education fields.

Our teachers may attend workshops that are specific to the curricula that we use such as Get Set for School (Handwriting Without Tears) and Baby Signs. Often times more broad workshop topics are offered as well, such as Using Learning Centers in the Early Childhood Classroom, Classroom Management, Music and Movement, Biting, and Science/Sensory Activities.  

In addition, our teachers and caregivers are required by the State of Michigan to obtain twelve hours of on-going training each year. Our development days in conjunction with staff meetings and various other workshops and on-line professional development opportunities offered to our teachers and caregivers exceed this requirement.  

Our goal in arranging these development days is to ensure our teachers are best prepared to care for and educate the children and families that they serve.  In every profession it is important to stay current on best practices, but in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education it is crucial to the children’s future school success.

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