Thank You Card Ideas & Tips

December 23, 2015

Posted by Lisa Lomasney

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take some time with your child to reflect on everything for which you and he or she is thankful.  A thank you card is a wonderful way to have your child be involved in the thanking process whether they received toys, clothes, books, education grants, or experiences with the special people in their lives.

Appreciated by grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends, a heart-felt written or hand-made thank you card from your child is sure to brighten their day which your child is reminded of the importance of being thankful for others' generosity and everything that he or she has.

Below are some easy ideas for how to thank those who chose to give your child a new toy, piece of clothing, or book this holiday season.


Tips for Writing Thank Yous with Children

  • Set aside some time to complete them.  Writing thank you cards shouldn't be something that is rushed or you repeatedly nag your child to fit in between playing with their friends and homework.  Sitting with your child and writing some yourself can help the process.
  • Gather some fun.  Allow your child to choose fancy stamps, stickers, and other fun items to make sure that thank you cards are not boring and are instead something for them to look forward to.  A trip to the craft store to pick out specialty paper and scrapbooking items may get your crafty, creative child interested in the process.
  • If your child does not write or is just learning, write the notes for them but allow them to sign their own name or draw pictures.  Scribing for your child can allow him or her to elaborate on stories and feelings.  
  • A large stack of thank you notes can be intimidating for a beginning writer.  If your child has received a large number of gifts, divide the thank you notes into manageable amounts instead of a long, single process.
  • Help your child to be authentically grateful and find the positive things about gifts that they may not be the most thrilled about.


Thank You Card Ideas

  • Give your older child a template to follow when hand-writing thank you cards.  An example would be: "Thank you for ____.  I think you are _____ because ____.  I hope you have a _____ day."
  • Take a picture of your child wearing (if an article of clothing), enjoying (playing with if a toy or reading if a book), or otherwise posing with the present and send the picture to the giver.  Pictures can be shared by text, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, or printed and "snail mailed."
  • Take a picture of your child wearing (if an article of clothing), enjoying (playing with if a toy or reading if a book), or otherwise posing with the present and ask your child to say "Thank you."  Send the video by text, e-mail, YouTube, or Facebook

  • "Thumb-bunny wants to thank you" card - Using washable ink, have your child make a couple of finger prints to make bunny ears and then one finger print for the head.  Write the words "Thumb-bunny wants to thank you" near the fingerprints and, if they are able, allow your child to "sign" his or her name.

  • Give a hand - and a heart.  Place your child's hand on a piece of construction paper folder in half so that their thumb and forefinger overlap on the folded edge.  Carefully cut out the hand and the heart that is created in the middle.  Use the cutout as a card and allow the child to write a message or write a message for them.  If they are able, have your child "sign" his or her name.

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