Pratt's Home Connection - May

April 29, 2016

Posted by Lisa Lomasney

Pratt Says,


April showers have made way for May flowers.  Flowers are budding or have already bloomed and we are loving the warmer weather. 

Let's celebrate a marvelous May and end the month with reflection on Memorial Day."


0 - 3 Months

As you feed your baby, encourage him or her to open and close his or her hands.  Place your finger at your baby's fist and encourage him or her to open and warn his or her fingers around yours.

3 - 6 Months
Gently touch different parts of your baby's body as you talk about what he or she is wearing and what color it is.  Encourage him or her to look at you and stand in front of an unbreakable mirror.

6 - 9 Months
Create flowers from construction paper.  Glue or tape a picture of family members to the centers.  Cover the flowers with contact paper (optional) and place them in an empty container.  When your baby is interested, talk to him or her about the colors of the flowers that he or she chooses and whose picture is on it.

9 - 12 Months
Place a few familiar objects such as a ball, doll, or toy in front of your baby and encourage him or her to say the name of each object.  Ask, "Can you say '______'?" and offer encouragement for any sound he or she makes.

12 - 18 Months
Dance and make silly gestures to music.  Encourage your child to imitate you.

Encourage your child to use animal cookie cutters with play dough and talk about the animals as they use them.

18 - 24 Months
Give the child assorted plastic containers and encourage them to put lids on and take them off.

Ask your child to tickle a stuffed animal's nose.  Repeat with other body parts.  If your child tickles the wrong body part, encourage him or her by making a comment such as "You did a good job tickling his tummy.  Can you tickle his nose?"

24 - 30 Months
Give your child a small amount of multicolored fruit cereal on a paper towel or plate.  Invite your child to sort the cereal by color.  After they sort and you talk about the names of the colors, optionally allow your child to eat the cereal for a snack.

2.5 - 3 Years
Take your child outside and explore the green grass.  If possible, help them take off their shoes and encourage them to walk in the grass.  Describe what the grass feels like.  What other green things does he or she see outside this time of year?

3 - 5 Years
Family Cookbooks - Begin a cookbook with your child.  Ask the members of your family their favorite foods that someone in the family (i.e. Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc.) makes and compile the recipes.  If he or she can tell you how the food is made, write down their version of the steps/directions.  Optionally have him or her illustrate the recipes.  Make sure to date this recipe as it could become a keepsake passed down through generations.

Rainbow Book - Talk about the colors of the rainbow (indigo could be optional) and add black, white, grey, pink, and brown.  Look in old magazines for images that you and your child can cut out to make collages with predominant colors.  Bind the book together by hole punching up along the spine of the book and using a piece of string in a blanket stitch.

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