Pratt's Home Connection - April

March 30, 2016

Posted by Lisa Lomasney



April showers bring May flowers, green grass, tree buds, and baby animals - and, most importantly, warmer weather!

Continue to explore the wonders of Spring at home with your family through these activities."


0 - 3 Months
Take your baby outside on a windy and warm day.  As you walk with your baby, talk about how the weather feels.

3 - 6 Months
Hold a stuffed chick or bunny to the side of your baby.  Motivate your baby to try to roll over to reach the stuffed animal.  Encourage your baby’s efforts with hugs & kisses before he or she gets frustrated.

6 - 9 Months
Provide your baby with a small, lightweight basket.  Encourage the baby to fill it with various objects and try to lift it OR Fill a basket with plastic eggs that open and shut and name the colors of the eggs as your baby explores them.

9 - 12 Months
Fill the insides of plastic eggs with rice.  Glue and tape the eggs closed.  Caution: Be sure the eggs are securely shut so that the children cannot get them open.  Supply the children with the eggs for them to shake and listen to the noises.

12 - 18 Months
Place a line of masking tape along the floor.  Encourage your child to hop like frogs along the line saying “Ribbit” as they hop.  If needed, demonstrate how to get into the hopping position by squatting down with your hands on the floor and your arms between your knees.

18 - 24 Months
Using materials to plant flowers, work together with your child to make a small flower pot from a plastic foam cup.  Encourage your child to spoon soil into cups that have a few small holes poked into the bottom.  Sprinkle a few seeds into the cup and cover them with dirt and then use a spray bottle to water the seeds.  Place the cups in a sunny area in your house that your child is able to see and check on seeds, keeping them watered, to see the sprouting.   When the flowers are ready, you can carefully transplant them into an outside garden.

24 - 30 Months
Cut flies from black paper and cut a frog face from green paper and make a hole in its mouth.  Glue or tape the face to the opening of a coffee can and encourage your child to fit the flies into the frog’s mouth.

2.5 - 3 Years
Go for a nature walk to collect art objects from outside.  Collect non-poisonous leaves, flowers, sticks, and more.  OR Look for specific things on your nature walk by creating a nature scavenger hunt and giving your child a checklist to mark when they find the items.

3 - 5 Years
Matching Game—Make pairs of animal cards by placing animal sticks on index cards.  Invite the children to place these upside-down on the table or floor and take turns finding the matches.  (Note: You could also print pictures, cut pictures from magazines, or draw pictures for this activity.  Depending on your child’s age and maturity, consider making this a cooperative game versus a competitive game with a “winner.”)
Lily Pad Cookies — Provide sugar cookie dough and green candy coated chocolate (e.g., M & M’s).  Encourage children to place the candy coated chocolate “frogs” on the lily pads.  Bake and save to enjoy at snack or lunchtime.  (Of course, do not complete this activity if your child is allergic to any of the ingredients in the cookies or candy.)


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