Fun Games That Don't Need Toys

June 26, 2015

Posted by Lisa Lomasney

  • Hide and Seek—Work on those counting skills and taking turns with this classic.  Can be played with only two people—a hider and a seeker—but more fun with a larger group.
  • Kick the Can—This game is a combination of tag and hide & seek that needs at least 5 players.  Look up the rules on our Blog and get ready to run!
  • Red Light, Green Light—Can even be played inside, with adequate space.
  • Simon Says—Simon says, “Don’t forget all of the great body part awareness this game can provide… and touch your nose!
  • Duck, Duck, Goose—Four friends are enough to have one person tagging and a circle large enough for the tagged  person to run around.  Duck, duck, goose –and the chase is on!
  • Tag or Freeze Tag - Any number of children can lace up their shoes after someone is chosen to be "it" to start the game.
  • Hand-Clap Games - After playing pat-a-cake as a baby, some children enjoy memorizing the chants "Miss Mary Mack" and "Miss Susie" and master the clap patterns for the rhythm quickly.  Look up the words to the songs if you can't remember back to your playground days as a child.
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