Back to School Tips

July 29, 2019

Posted by Hallie Hagland

By the end of summer, we are all anticipating the structure, sports, and activities that are associated with the back to school season. For many families that brings added pressure as well. Here’s 6 helpful tips to help your family experience a smooth transition into fall.

Re-establish bedtime and mealtime routines: Plan to re-establish the earlier bedtimes, along with the earlier wake up calls approximately 1-2 weeks before school starts.  This gives everyone some time to get adjusted to the schedule again.

Turn off the TV:  Encourage children to read or play quiet games, or activities in the morning instead of watching TV.  This will help ease them into the learning process, and have less complaints when it is time to get ready for school.

Designate a homework spot: Keep desks, or tables clear of clutter so there is a nice quiet place to do homework, and also for supervision.

Make lunches the night before: Get as much together the night before, so your morning routine will go more smoothly.

Lay out clothes the night before:  Have clothes laid out the night before so kids can just get in their clothes before they even come down stairs to breakfast.  One more thing you can check off your to do list in the morning.

Establish the after school schedule:  Make sure you go over the after school schedule with kids in the morning, so they are clear of what to expect when they get home from school.  Be specific with young children—”You will take the bus home today" or "You will go to AppleTree/Gilden Woods today.”

We hope these tips help your family start the school year off on the right foot!

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