A Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Menu

January 29, 2016

Posted by Lisa Lomasney

All of the ideas and recipes below will create a wonderful Valentine's Day themed menu for your family this Valentine's Day.  Look for "Kid Chefs" for what your child can help with, depending on their age.


I Love You Berry Much (Breakfast or Snack)

Outline a heart with raspberries or blueberries on a bowl of cereal or oatmeal if serving for breakfast.  If serving as a snack, arrange raspberries and small pieces of strawberries in the shape of a heart on a white plate.  Find a heart-shaped bowl or plate, if possible. from SparkPeople.com

Kid Chefs can complete this entire recipe as long as the bowl of oatmeal isn't too hot.

Other Breakfast Option - Cut pancakes into heart shapes and serve with some strawberries - optionally add food coloring to turn the pancakes pink.



Heart-Warming Grilled Cheese (Lunch or Dinner)

Use a large heart-shaped cookie cutter or kitchen scissors to change a regular grilled cheese sandwich into a special Valentine's Day lunch. from SparkPeople.com

Kid Chefs can use the cookie cutter to turn the sandwich into the heart shape.



Valentine's Jigglers (Snack)

Follow the instructions on the side of a Jell-O box for "Jigglers."  Once the Jell-O has set, use Valentine-themed and letter-shaped cookie cutters. from SparkPeople.com

Kid Chefs can stir the Jell-O to dissolve the powder into water, stir in ice cubes to stop the dissolving, pour the liquid into a cookie sheet, and cut the Jell-O into shapes.


Open-Faced PB & J Snack (Snack) (If Your Child is Not Allergic to PB)

Serve an open-faced peanut butter sandwich with a fresh strawberry cut into a heart shape on dollop of jelly.  from SparkPeople.com

Kid Chefs can complete this entire snack recipe.



"Take Another Pizza My Heart Now" (Dinner)

Cut whole-wheat English muffins or pieces of bread into the shape of a heart (individual pizzas) or shape pizza crust dough into a heart (for a family pizza) and cover with sauce, cheese, and toppings.  Want an extra Valentine's Day touch?  Cut your pepperonis into the shapes of hearts! from SparkPeople.com

Kid Chefs can use a cookie cutter on English muffins or bread or shape pizza dough into a heart and can place sauce, cheese, and toppings on the pizza(s).



Valentine's Day Cupcake Fondue (Dessert)

from HoosierHomemade.com - Click through to the website to see the entire spread - Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Other Dessert Option - Feeling a bit Martha Stewart-y?  Try Red Velvet Whoopie Pies from Annie's Eats.  There are multiple steps and you use a heart template to trace onto parchment paper - but they look beautiful at the end.

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