6 Easy Ways to Promote Patience in Your Child

January 15, 2018

Posted by Lindsay Porter

Each month AppleTree & Gilden Woods highlights a positive character trait to children through our CORE Values Character Education Program. For the month of January children will participate in activities, sing songs and read books that promote patience!

Patience, waiting, and self-control are three basic requirements for preschool preparedness. Practicing patience at an early age helps children to improve interpersonal relationships and social skills. Teaching patience to children at every age not only reduces embarrassing meltdowns in public, but also helps them grow up to be empathizing individuals who can better cope with challenges in life. Often children and adults alike want instant gratification. We don’t like waiting. You have to teach children to be patient. And sometimes, as adults, we need to be reminded that patience is a virtue. Patience makes life more peaceful. Patience gives us greater appreciation.

With that being said, here are 6 easy (but important) ways to promote patience in young children:

  1. Be aware of your words and body language when you have to wait for something.
  2. Try not to fix everything immediately. Whenever a child asks you for something, ask them to wait for a brief period. Start with 15 seconds and gradually increase it to a minute over a week’s time.
  3. Use timers to help children visualize the wait. Respond specifically to time related questions like, “After I am done helping Sammy” or “After we eat lunch.” Avoid giving vague answers like “In a while” as this could confuse them.
  4. Involve them in the process of waiting or helping children to figure out ways to fill the time while waiting. This will teach them to cope with frustrations while having to wait.
  5. Encourage children to participate in group activities and to play board games. This teaches them to wait for their turn. Projects like planting flowers help them to apply self-control and teach them to wait to earn/see the reward and that everything cannot happen instantly.
  6. Acknowledge and reinforce the good behavior by rewarding and praising them for their patience specifically. This will encourage them to work harder on this skill.

Click here to learn more about our CORE Values Character Education Program and other curriculum offered at AppleTree & Gilden Woods!


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