10 Benefits of Hugging Your Child

January 16, 2017

Posted by Lindsay Porter

Saturday, January 21st is “National Hugging Day!” Hugging your child is a simple act and you probably do it multiple times a day. But did you know your child may benefit from your embrace long after a hug is shared? 

There is a specific website dedicated to National Hugging Day, nationalhuggingday.com, which provides a list of 10 Benefits of Hugging: 

  1. Hugs make us feel “happy”. When we hug another person, our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone associated with “happiness,” according to scientific studies.
  2. Hugs alleviate stress. Just as a good hug increases our oxytocin levels, it decreases our cortisol or “stress” levels.
  3. Babies need hugs as much as water and food. According to researchers at Harvard University, hugs help promote normal levels of cortisol necessary for child development.
  4. Hugs make us better students. Students who receive a supportive touch from a teacher are twice as likely to volunteer in class.
  5. Hugs improve our game. Scientists at University of California, Berkley discovered that the more affectionate members of a team are with each other, the more likely they are to win.
  6. A hug a day keeps the doctor away. A hug stimulates the thymus gland, which in turn regulates the production of white blood cells that keep us healthy and disease-free.
  7. A hug stops the bug. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon proved that individuals who were sick and received hugs had less severe symptoms and were able to get better quicker.
  8. A hugging heart is a healthy heart. Research from University of North Carolina showed that a good hug helps ease blood flow and lower cortisol levels, which in turn help lower our heart rates.
  9. A hugging couple is a happy couple. Couples that experience their partners’ love through physical affection share higher oxytocin levels.
  10. Hugs let someone know you care without having to say a word. According to Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at University of California, Berkeley, we can identify love from simple human touch – imagine how much love a big hug can communicate!

Be sure to give your child extra hugs today!

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