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Teaching Children Respect

Respect for one another is an important value in our everyday lives. However, it is a challenge to find ways to teach this value to children. Let's dive a littler deeper and see how we can teach our children just that.

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4 Books to Help Teach Children Forgiveness

Every month at AppleTree & Gilden Woods, we bring focus to important positive character traits through our C.O.R.E. Character Education Program. For the month of April, the C.O.R.E. character trait is forgiveness. Teaching forgiveness is integral to children developing empathy toward others and the overall development of emotional intelligence.

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Spring on the Mind

Spring is just around the corner and we are excited and ready at AppleTree & Gilden Woods. As part of our C.O.R.E. curriculum, children in our toddler and preschool classes will learn all about bugs, bees, and butterflies.

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Teaching Children Honesty

Teaching children the value of honesty can be a challenge. It is one of the most important character traits, but it often doesn’t come without parental modeling and practice. Here are a few techniques for practicing patience with your children.

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What to Look for in a Preschool Program

Selecting a preschool program for your child is an exciting milestone however, it may feel overwhelming. As a parent, you want to find the right program for your child. To help relieve some of the pressure of selecting a preschool program here are some key components to look for...

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July is National UV Safety Month

AppleTree & Gilden Woods is proud to participate in UV Safety Month and help raise awareness of the risks of sun damage. During the month of July, join us in taking action to prevent skin cancer and reduce the risk of UV damage.

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Embracing Mom Guilt

“Mom guilt” comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s because you’re working outside the home, working from home, or are a stay at home mom who needs some extra “me time,” it’s time to let go of the guilt.

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Pratt's Home Connection

Countdown to the Holiday’s Calendars make counting down the days to Holiday even more fun because they're stuffed with surprises -- and they're easy to make. Tack 25 decorated, candy- or trinket-filled envelopes to a cork board or similar surface in a tree shape; top the arrangement with a bow. Or transform a sheet metal memo board into an advent calendar by writing the numbers 1 to 25 across one side in red or green and adorning it with a pretty bow or ribbon. Add one magnet from the festive Countdown to Holiday’s Magnet Set to the front of the calendar for each day. With fun shapes such as candy canes, mittens, and gingerbread men, your little ones will delight in the countdown to the big day.

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4 UV Safety Tips for Small Children

Summer is all about having fun outdoors. The warm sunshine seems to bring everyone outside, ready to explore and enjoy new adventures. However, along with all of those fun trips and activities comes the risk for too much sun exposure. Harmful UV rays can burn a child's skin, resulting in the painful sunburns that we all know too well. They can also raise a child's risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

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