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AppleTree Preschool

Fostering Kindergarten Readiness


Preparing for a Wonderful Future of Learning

Your child will be learning every day and won't even know it!  Through engaging lessons and exciting themes, he or she will reach academic goals while bringing a smile to his or her face.  At AppleTree, we understand the importance of Kindergarten preparedness.  Our unique AppleTree Preschool will help ensure your child acquires the academic and social skills needed for elementary school success. By enrolling in AppleTree Preschool, your child will experience the following educational components.


The World of Language and Literacy

Preschoolers ask questions about everything.  This helps build their linguistic skills along with general knowledge.  At this time, their intellect is developing rapidly; therefore, activities and conversations that help foster language development are crucial.  Our lessons and activities are designed with this in mind.  We strive to help develop language, writing, and reading skills.  From big books to word walls, labeling, and alphabet fun, we prepare children for a future of life-long learning.

At participating locations, a Spanish Club is offered to further enhance your child's language experiences.

For additional information regarding the Spanish Club, visit our Enrichment Programs page.  For more information on the specific phonics and handwriting curricula AppleTree utilizes, visit our Curriculum page.


Circle Time

A fun and interactive time for building classroom community.  Sharing books, singing songs, learning about the weather, and sharing ideas are just a few of the activities that we do at circle time.

Hands-on Learning Centers

As your preschooler matures, the surroundings and activities become more complex.  Each preschool room has different play areas, also known as "learning centers."  These learning centers include Dramatic Play, Blocks/Community, Math/Manipulatives, Reading/Writing Center, Art, and Science/Sensory.

Each day we provide time for the little things that matter so much to preschoolers.  Mastering tasks and skills such as tying shoelaces, buttoning jackets, and hand-washing allow your budding student to take more responsibility for their personal care and helps build self-esteem.  Cutting with scissors, drawing, and painting are just a few of the additional activities incorporated daily to ensure your child is building fine motor control.

For additional information on the specific curriculum that AppleTree utilizes for the basis of instruction, visit our Curriculum page.


Growing Bigger and Stronger

Much to their joy, it's obvious that your preschool child can run, jump, and climb farther, faster, and better than every before.  We'll help encourage further growth by providing the opportunity to climb and jump on safe and properly-sized equipment.  Playing with balls and other toys small enough to be easily grasped and soft enough not to be harmful will also encourage gross motor development.  Playing outside on our safe and sizable playgrounds will also encourage muscle development.  We'll also offer gentle coaching when your child seems to need help.  The good habits and skills he or she develops now are the basis for sports, dancing, and other activities that begin in middle childhood and could continue for his or her lifetime.

For additional information on the fitness and health program that AppleTree offers, visit our Additional Programming page.


Social Skills and Friendships

A key indicator of kindergarten readiness is social development.  Children who can take turns, share, and comfortably speak with others are typically more successful in school.  At AppleTree, we focus on positive social skills and model socially acceptable behaviors from the start.  Children will learn how to make and keep friends and the important life lessons that friendships bring.

For additional information on the character education program that AppleTree utilizes, see our C.O.R.E. Character Education page.


Child Portfolios

In order to properly measure our efforts, child portfolios are assembled and maintained for all enrolled children, infant - 5 years old.  Our portfolios may contain work samples, children's art, observation notes, and photos.  Our goal is to gauge children's development physically, socially, and intellectually.  Our chosen methods of assessment include observation, documentation, and work samples.  Your child's portfolio will be organized evidence of their abilities, interests, and skills.  These portfolios are reviewed with parents in both the fall and spring during parent-teacher conferences.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our of our goals is to partner with parents in our effort to provide the early education needed to ensure each child has the basic fundamentals for success in kindergarten.  We hold parent-teacher conferences in the spring and fall and encourage all parents to attend.  These brief meetings allow for uninterrupted time that can be used to set goals and discuss your child's growth and development with your child's teacher.

  1. “Recently (my son) attended his Kindergarten Open House and received the list of “things your children should be able to do prior to entering kindergarten.” I was shocked at how far advanced the curriculum at AppleTree has prepared him!”
    – Emma Powell, AppleTree Parent

  2. “AppleTree has not only provided an age-appropriate education with ample opportunity for challenge, but also a safe, caring, and compassionate community for which our daughter feels strongly a part of”
    – Jennifer Cole, AppleTree Parent

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